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To The Editor:
Yet another Election Day has come and gone. Some citizens are happy, others are sad.  The politicians have stepped down from their soapboxes, the campaign speeches have stopped. The lawn signs are gone. Promises were made and lies were told and when all was said and done, the citizens have spoken at the polls.
Some citizens unhappy concerning who was elected and some are happy; however, whether you are happy or sad, I hope you voted.  If you did not, then you have no reason to be either.  You failed to exercise one of your rights under our Constitution.
You have passed up on a right and privilege that many, many countries do not have.  We live in a democracy - not perfect; but it beats any other system.
If you just voted by party line; Republican, Democrat, Conservative, liberal etc. and did not vote for a candidate that was best for our country, then you deserved what you get and you don’t have a right to complain. You have been a pawn in our democratic process. No one party has all the answers or the best solutions.
Now is the time for our newly elected officials to step up to the plate and do what is right and best for all our citizens.  If their promises were just political talk to get elected, then I hope the citizens remember and not vote for these candidates again in the future.
However, one thing they better all remember is that they represent all the people.  As our Constitution says, “We the people.” Our newly elected officials have been given a scared trust that should not be taken lightly.
God Bless the USA and remember that freedom is not free.
Richard Rossi,