Supervisors get update on heroin problem


By Cheryl Petersen
Chairman of the Delaware County Board of Supervisors, Jim Eisel, opened the meeting on May 14 in Delhi by reading from his written statement, an update on the heroin epidemic. Among other business, the board also authorized an agreement with the City of New York for guiderail replacement on NYC Road #10 in the Town of Middletown.

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will deposit $97,000 with the County Department of Public Works prior to the start of the guiderail work.
In the matter of the continued upgrade of the Delaware County Emergency Radio Communications system, the board resolved to utilize real property located in the Town of Roxbury as one of the seven replacement system expansions sites.
The county will enter into a lease with MTC North, Inc. for a portion a Tax Map Parcel Number 90.-2-5.11in Grand Gorge. MTC North will pay the monthly rental amount to the property owner and construct the new tower. Delaware County will construct the access road and utility trenches, install the foundation, install an equipment building and emergency generator.
In regard to the heroin epidemic, Supervisor Eisel read, “We have received a lot of tips on our hotline; keep them coming. Drug abusers and dealers need to know that Delaware County Sheriff is coming after you because we are out to put you in jail long term and you should seriously think about moving out of rural Delaware County,” said Eisel.
Residents are using the 1-888-914-9111 tip-line to report anonymously any illicit drug activity. “We can’t attack this drug epidemic problem without your help,” said Eisel.
“One letter mentioned names and addresses of heroin users and the selling of prescription drugs,” said Eisel. The useful information is being utilized in investigations performed by the sheriff’s office.
After the meeting, Undersheriff Craig DuMond, said, “Investigations move along quicker if we are given the names and contact numbers of the tipsters, which also is kept strictly confidential.”
A resolution to support training pertaining to flood issues for code enforcement officers was approved. Officers can gain increased knowledge of flood plain regulations, flood buyout and relocation processes and programs, terms and regulations of the National Flood Insurance Program, and mitigation efforts.
A resolution to authorize entrance into agreement with the Delaware County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) for the Sidney Center Streambank Relocation Project was approved after a lengthy discussion.