Stratton Falls Campsite has new owners


By Joe Moskowitz
Stratton Falls Campsite is a place that area residents may have heard of and may have driven by many times without having any idea what it is that they drove past. The campsite sits on 37 acres of streamside camping, nestled between state Route 30 and Stratton Falls Road outside of Roxbury. You can’t see it from either road. If you could, the owners ask, why would you camp there?

For about 40 years it has been owned by George Slauson’s family. Before that it was part of their dairy farm. As of mid-May, it became the property of Stan and Anna Duszak of Bainbridge.

The Duszaks own rental properties in Bainbridge, and getting into the camping business is something new for them. When asked why they bought the campsite, Anna Duszak says her husband saw it one day and just decided to buy it.

They now own 37 acres about an hour from where they live. They plan to be here as often as they can, and much like the previous owner, two generations of the family will operate the campsite. Their daughter and son-in-law will also make the sometimes-daily drive.

The Duszaks say they plan to spend some time and money making improvements, although they say at this point they haven’t decided what to tackle first. There are some things they don’t plan to change. They bought it because of the peace, quiet, and, natural beauty of the area. And the phone number will remain the same. It is 607 326-4224. One change is the website. It is now