Stop looking for handouts


To The Editor:
It was refreshing to read Kurt Holcher’s comments last week concerning our economy.  He got it 100 percent right!

If we believe we are going to solve our debt problems and get our economy growing by “taxing the wealthy a bit more” - get serious. We can tax this group all we want and it will make no difference. They don’t have enough to get us out of this mess. Wise up.

Democrats/liberals, also believe the government can get us out of this mess by spending more, creating government jobs, and growing our government bigger and bigger and borrowing.  How is it going so far? 

We need to get back to our “democratic, free enterprise economic system,” and our government needs to stop expanding and spending/borrowing and return to our forefathers way of government. We need to follow our Constitution that worked for decades. Limited government and personal freedom - our Bill of Rights.

We became the greatest nation in the world and had an economy that was vibrant and growing.  Our businesses and our working middle class is going to get us back on track - not more and more of our presidents socialist ideas /concepts.  Wealth is created and spread around by business, hard work, determination and American innovation and know how.  We need to return to the way things were. Stop looking for handouts and wanting the government to take care of our every need/want.
As our president said, “Change and hope,” well under this administration, we don’t have a ‘cent’ (pun intended) to our name and we don’t have “hope” if we keep to this path. 
God Bless America.

Richard Rossi,