Statements are facts


To The Editor:
I would like to make some observations here about global warming for the benefit of anyone who might be interested.

The greatest amount of light from the sun that reaches us here comes to us as visible light. However, there is a lot of infrared and ultraviolet light as well. CO2 absorbs infrared light. When it does so, it gets warmer. Visible light shines right through CO2. When it hits rock or soil, it warms them up. The rock and soil will then shine with infrared light. The amount of excess CO2 in the air has been steadily rising. This has been determined by direct measurement. If you burn carbon-base fuels in the air, one of the products of burning is CO2. Heat and temperature are two distinctly different things. If you add heat to ice the ice will melt, but the temperature remains the same. If you add heat to rock, soil, or water the temperature will rise.

There are no theories here. All these statements are facts. They have been known for nearly a century or more and have been verified many hundreds if not many thousands of times both in the lab and in the field. No exceptions have ever been found. Consequently, when climate scientists talk about a “theory of global warming” they are not talking about some theory that human’s activities are causing the atmosphere to warm up. They are talking about theories that will allow them to model and predict what the heat that is being absorbed by the excess CO2 in the air will do to the earth’s climate.

Any science-based theory that the climate is not warming up as a result of human activities must first answer two very basic questions. 1-Where did the CO2 from all the fossil fuels we have burned go to and where is all the excess C02 in the air coming from? 2- Where is the heat that is being absorbed by the excess CO2 going to, why are average temperatures around the world rising and why is so much ice melting so quickly? The only known method of causing ice to melt is to add heat to it, just as the only known method of causing water to freeze is to take heat away.

In spite of persistent and well-funded attempts to prove that global warming caused by humans is not real, no alternative answer to these questions has yet been proposed. The issue of global warming and all that that entails is still before us.

Thomas Clark,