Stanton not running for re-election

By Brian Sweeney
Bill Stanton, who is completing his 10th year as Margaretville’s mayor, will not be seeking another term in office.

Mayor Stanton told News this week that he feels that a decade in the village’s top post is enough.
“I’m just doing the best I can, but I’ve had enough,” he stated. “It’s time for somebody else to take over.”

The mayor said he has enjoyed his time in office, however, he has grown tired of the constant battles with agencies like the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the state Department of Environmental Conservation and Delaware County Soil and Water.

“Somebody has got to start putting their foot down with the DEP,” he said, referring to the agency that has far-reaching regulatory powers throughout the watershed.

The mayor said he has always preferred working with others in a cooperative manner and noted that he’s just one of five board members.

Mayor Stanton noted, “I get my marching orders from the village board. “I have always just tried to do my job.”

The mayor has been elected to five terms. He chose not to run in 2009, taking time off to deal with his wife’s health issues. Two years ago, he was again approached to seek the mayor’s post and agreed to run.

Faced many floods
Mayor Stanton said that dealing with four floods has been a huge challenge, with the historic August 28, 2011 flood caused by Hurricane Irene naturally topping the list.
Asked to list his accomplishments, Mayor Stanton said the job and its responsibilities have continued to grow.

“Mostly, I’ve been working just trying to hold the village together,” he explained.
The mayor also said he is pleased with the new streetlight and sidewalk project that is underway in the village. He expects this work to be completed in the spring.

Mayor Stanton said his biggest disappointment is that the village has still not been able to complete repairs to the bulkhead on the East Branch of the Delaware River. This work would allow a steady flow of water to feed the Binnekill stream that runs through the village.

“We should have had it done years ago; now it’s back on track,” he noted.
Looking back on a decade of public service, said that cooperation is the key to an effective government.

“If people would learn to work together, we’d all be better off,” he added.

Mayor Stanton, who is 69, retired in 2004 as a chief lineman after spending 35 years working for the New York State Electric and Gas Corporation.
The mayor indicated that once his days as a politician are behind him, one thing he’d like to pursue is restarting a local Junior American Legion Baseball team.

Village elections are scheduled for Tuesday, March 12. The deadline for filing petitions to run for office is February 8. No petitions have been officially filed for the mayoral race in Margaretville, but two candidates have indicated they are interested in running.

Lauren Davis, who has run for the mayor’s post several times, has announced his candidacy in the News. Diana Cope, former director at the Fairview Library, has also been seeking the necessary petition signatures to have her name placed on the ballot.