Sixteen-foot snowman standing tall in Roxbury

By Dick Sanford
When life deals you lemons, you make lemonade. So what do you do when Mother Nature dumps four feet of snow in your front yard on Main Street in Roxbury? If you’re Frank Jankowski, Debbie Bauer and Frank’s seven-year-old daughter Catherine, you take that four feet of snow and make it into a 16-foot-tall snowman, that’s what!
“I grew up in Kingston and when I was a kid the city used to hold a contest each winter to see who could build the tallest snowman. That’s where I got the idea to build this one,” Frank said Monday.
The project started last week. “The snow was perfect for making a snowman,” said Frank. “At first it was just a big pile of snow and everyone in town was asking what it was going to be. Someone asked me if it was going to be a spaceship,” he said.
It wasn’t an easy project. At first they just kind of pushed the snow into a big pile. Then the three builders packed buckets full of snow and outlined layers, two buckets high, and then filled in the middle. It wasn’t long before the snowman was higher than they could reach and out came the ladders. That’s when the fun turned into harder work.
As the snowman began to take shape it instantly became a tourist attraction. As you drive down Main Street in Roxbury it’s hard to miss. “Lots and lots of people stopped by to take pictures,” said Frank. “One guy from New Jersey said he was going to use his snowman photo for his Christmas card next year. Several people said it was the biggest snowman they had ever seen,” he added.
Over the weekend the project began to draw more attention. “It became a community spirit kind of thing,” said Frank. “People really got into it,” he said. “Building it took me back to my childhood,” he added. “It was a lot of fun and a nice break after a hard storm.”