sign wars of the times


To The Editor:
The October 16 edition of Catskill Mountain News had a posting by Mr. Gavette of Margaretville in the mailbag section decrying the acts of vandalism and theft of Nelson Delameter’s campaign signs. After reading this I thought it might be best to drive around the Town of Middletown and look for the 100 signs that the Middletown Republican Committee had paid for and placed along the roads. I was shocked to discover that fully two thirds of the signs that were placed beginning around the first of October are missing!

The Middletown Republican Committee has a policy against removing other candidates’ signs. To steal or damage signs is a violation of free speech and that is a practice that is widespread in countries like Russia, Venezuela, and Somalia. The small handful of reckless and highly partisan people who do these acts are traitors to American principles.
We can now concede to these few that you have won the “Sign Wars.”

Chuck Freas, Chairman
Middletown Republican Committee