Show support for Schreibman


To the Editor:
Elections have consequences.  That is why I am urging everyone reading the CMN to elect Julian Schreibman to Congress.  Julian will support policies that will help our community.  He believes women have the right to make health care decisions without government interference.  He believes Medicare should not be turned into a voucher program.  He believes everyone should pay their ‘fair share’ of taxes.

Chris Gibson has a record in Congress.  He supports “shrinking the size of government.”  For this community, that meant that Belleayre employees were laid off, lost salary and benefits, and were re-hired as temporary workers.  Did that help our community?

Chris Gibson also supported limiting FEMA money to flood victims after Hurricane Irene.  Did that help our community?

Chris Gibson supports a tax policy that allows Mitt Romney and Donald Trump to pay a lower tax rate than anyone in this community.  Is that fair?

Chris Gibson does not support equal pay for women.  He also believes that the government should tell women what healthcare choices they can and cannot make.  How can any women in this community vote for someone who believes she is a second class citizen?

Elections really do have consequences.  Vote for Julian.  Vote for someone who supports our values and supports giving us a fair chance to be successful.

Richard A. Siegel
New Kingston