Should take your own advice


To The Editor:
I read Kurt Holcherr’s letter in last week’s mailbag, and I have to admit, Mr. Holcherr displays the hypocrisy of the radical right with a panache that is truly breathtaking.  First, he supports a fanatical, extremist group that is doing everything it can, every day, to destroy the public sector in America and then he claims that people shouldn’t be “political” when they need federal assistance that wouldn’t exist if this same group had had their way already.

He then launches a splendid political diatribe against anyone in the government who isn’t assisting the tea party lunatics in their destruction of America, along with a lot of complete nonsense about the way money is spent in government.

Thank God, this is a free, country, Mr. Holcherr, and you have the freedom to belong to any group that your mind desires, but don’t you dare tell other citizens of this once proud country to refrain from discussing the damage that the radical right has done and is now attempting to do!  
Politics is the way things get done, or not, in the USA, and politics will either see your kind relegated to the trash heap of history or continue to watch the death spiral into which three decades of right wing fanatics in high places have relegated our society.  

Further, if you want to “keep politics out of the discussion,” I submit you should have taken your own advice before you sent that letter.

John Cerullo,