Shandaken Theatrical Society presents Teen Music Showcase

Phoenicia —The Shandaken Theatrical Society will present a Teen Music Showcase on Saturday, May 2 at 8 p.m. at the society’s playhouse at 10 Church Street in Phoenicia. Please call 688-2279 for reservations. Admission is $5. 
The event will feature singers, bands, and instrumentalists from an impressive local teen talent pool.
The Catskills are alive with the sound of teens that, contrary to popular opinion, are not slaves to their computers, cell phones and hand-held digital devices. Quite a few kids have been honing their musical skills, and it shows. Not only can they play, sing and perform music, they are eager to do so. Thanks to the Shandaken Theatrical Society, they now have an impressive yet cozy venue in which to strut their stuff at an event tailored just for them and their families, friends, and soon, fans.
The Teen Music Showcase will be a one-night-only chance to catch budding solo vocalists, emerging local bands, and even some fresh original songwriters. Culled from the hills and hamlets of several different communities, the lineup will include the groups Tell Him I’m Ugly, To Area of Refuge and Exits, The Shandettes, Sagdasm, and the Defenders. Solo instrumentalists Dan Sliwa and Zak Apolito, will be on hand, and Zoe Patschke, Aidan Ferris and Sophie, Sarah and Hannah Corwin all have songs to share. The material ranges from Disney favorites to Nirvana to several strands of 20th century pop, all delivered with gusto and originality.
This promises to be a memorable night, an opportunity not only for an impressive array of gutsy local kids, but also for the surrounding community to come out and support them. Turn off the TV, the computer, and the BlackBerry, turn on to Church Street, and come to the Shandaken Theatrical Society and see the future.
For more info on the Teen Music Showcase, contact Mark Lerner at 688-5297 or e-mail