September 24, 2008: Obama and Biden offer us hope


To The Editor:
Hey folks, let’s think seriously about this upcoming election.
We have choices. On the one hand, there are John McCain and Sarah Palin. McCain is a famous maverick, but he’s a maverick who, while once opposing Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy, is now for them, who opposed indiscriminate drilling but now smiles at the chant of “Drill, Baby, Drill!,” and who was for immigration reform and stem cell research before he was against them. Shouldn’t he be called a flip-flopper by his own party? Running with him is Sarah the Unprepared. Let’s not obsess about her. Surely the intelligent women who supported Hillary will not be taken in by someone whose only likeness is her gender.
On the other hand we have Barack Obama and Joe Biden, both of whom come from modest beginnings but have not cashed in on opportunities for easy money. Obama turned down offers from big law firms to help the poor. He was that fine thing, a community organizer. Biden worked in the Senate for many years, and yes, both of them have met and talked with heads of state, thought deeply about ways to improve this nation and this world and certainly have put country ahead of wealth and comfort.
What’s more, in spite of having the concept of change stolen by their opponents, they offer solid programs to do just that. And they offer something even more important. Hope! The hope of saving ourselves from more years of greed, ignorance and incompetence.
We vote for whoever we choose in America. But if every thoughtful person looks carefully at the choices, I am confident that Barack Obama and Joe Biden will get their chance to create a government we can be proud of. It’s up to us!

Jody Primoff,