September 17, 2008: Vote Obama for a real change


To The Editor:
On the night Sarah Palin was introduced at the Republican Convention, David Scudder (letter of September 16) felt “a breath of fresh air in our country.” I felt the air stir as well, but with hot empty gas.
For these long, last eight years, the religious right— family values bunch— has pontificated and judged while avidly foisting their religious agenda onto everyone. Now these same folks are shamelessly trotting out Sarah Palin’s troubled, struggling family saga as a role model for our own families. It is a disturbing mix of teen drug abuse, an unplanned teen pregnancy with a shot-gun wedding and Governor Palin’s misappropriation of public funds for personal gain, otherwise known as theft. This is self-serving hypocrisy of the lowest level.
Senator McCain has voted with George Bush 90 percent of the time. He is no “maverick.” He is a Bush/Cheney toadie. A McCain presidency would mean more endless war, more record deficits, more pain and suffering for uninsured Americans and more families struggling under record fuel prices, record high housing costs and record high food prices.
That the Republican Party is willing to put forward this ticket of toadyism and complete inexperience to lead our country in these dangerous times is insulting and infuriating. It is a cynical and desperate move by a morally bankrupted political party grasping so desperately at the reins of power that risking our nation’s security and our very future seems a reasonable trade-off.
Together, Barack Obama and Joseph Biden represent our best hopes for our great nation’s future. They offer vigor, vision, honesty, experience and the wisdom our country needs more now than ever.
Vote Obama-Biden.

Donna Hollon,
New Kingston