September 17, 2008: Time for change at the voting booth


To The Editor:
To listen to many Republicans, you would think they want John McCain to die. They seem to want Sarah Palin for president. Adding Palin to the ticket was a clever distraction, pandering to the far right with her extremist views.
But this election really is about a choice between Obama and McCain. Once, McCain would have been a fine choice to lead the country. He used to buck his party’s leadership, but no longer. Recently, he voted with Bush more than 90 percent of the time, helping to create the mess that we are currently in. The economy is America’s biggest threat right now. By McCain’s own account, he doesn’t know much about economics. McCain incessantly says that the “surge” has worked, but never mentions that the invasion of Iraq was based on lies and deception.
He casts himself as an agent of “change” but wants to continue Bush policies that provide tax breaks for the wealthy elite and destroy Social Security by privatization. McCain, like Bush, wants to reward large, price-gouging oil companies and corporations that ship American jobs overseas with tax breaks. McCain used to be a decent, responsible man who stood up to denounce the dirty politics employed by the Bush/Rove gang.
This is the only area where McCain actually does stand for change. He has changed. By hiring the people that Rove used to unfairly attack him in 2000, McCain has shown that he approves of sleazy politics and will do anything to become president, including dumping his core ideals. Rather than run a campaign based on issues and debate, he is running one based on unfair attacks, deception and outright lies. Now, he may not have hatched the ideas, but the campaign bears his name, he has approved each ad and he alone is responsible.
The past eight years have been disastrous for the country. It truly is a time for change. McCain is not the change that America needs.

Mona Lee Sheehan,