September 17, 2008: Family values change for O'Reilly


To The Editor:
Interestingly, Bill O’Reilly seems to agree with your recent writer, David R. Scudder of Roxbury, who praises Sarah Palin’s “family values.”  O’Reilly comments on the condition of Palin’s teenage daughter by saying that teenage pregnancy is a “personal matter.”
Yet not long ago he said, with regard to the condition of Britney Spears’ younger sister,  “Here the blame falls primarily on the parents of the girl who have little control over her.”
Adding to O’Reilly’s insight, it seems obvious that someone who cannot control her own family could never be an effective leader for our country.  Obama and Biden are much more likely to bring the troops home from Iraq and prohibit torture in the military, rescue our economy, regulate the environment, provide affordable healthcare, allow a woman to choose and uphold our democratic way of life.

Gloria Zola-Mulloy,