September 10, 2008: Bad behavior from bar patrons should not be tolerated


To The Editor:
As the owner of two new businesses on Main Street in Margaretville, I would like to express my appreciation for the vigilant presence of Constable Harry Fox.
My husband operates a guitar shop and I have a health counseling practice and natural food store in adjacent space. We are not newcomers to the community, having owned a home and paid taxes in Margaretville for more than 30 years. Our decision to open up shop in Margaretville was based on our love of the area and its natural beauty and the many fine people we have come to know here over the years. Our hope was to contribute to the commercial vitality of the downtown area by having a business that would meet the needs of full-time residents and help make Margaretville more attractive as a tourist destination by providing products and services that were not formerly available in town. We have been grateful for the support and kindness of many other business owners and residents as we engage in this venture.
Unfortunately, our location next to the bar in town has exposed us to a side of Margaretville we were previously unaware of. Most mornings when we open our business we are greeted by the detritus left from the previous night’s carousing in front of the bar — flowers ripped out of their pots, beer cans and cigarette butts strewn all over the sidewalk, partially eaten food and greasy food containers discarded in our doorway and the smell and stains of urine and vomit on the sidewalk. Many customers have told us that they are reluctant to walk down our side of the street with their children because of the foul language and rude behavior of the people who congregate outside the bar in the late afternoons.
The presence of a constable in town may help discourage the type of behavior that destroys the image of our lovely town and sends visitors to the less threatening streets of Andes and Roxbury.

Lenore and Ron Blake,