Sept. 30, 2009: Foot dragging is hurting Belleayre


To The Editor:
It is puzzling that Crossroads says that they have almost completed their environmental impact statement, when in August they sought action that would have voided the Agreement in Principle ( AIP ) and sent the whole project back to square one.
Crossroads asked for a railroad crossing license from Ulster County in order to get more money from NYS taxpayers for the 1,200 acres on the east side of Belleayre Mountain. Or make it feasible to develop, as they said they’d do, if the license was denied.  It was denied.  Either action would void the AIP. Don’t be mislead, it has been foot dragging by Crossroads Resorts that has put improvements at Belleayre Mountain Ski Center at risk.
The stubborn support of the Coalition to Save Belleayre for Crossroads Resorts has been unfortunate and it is time for the Coalition to decide who they support more; Belleayre Mountain Ski Center or the Crossroads Resort?

Kevin Millar,