Sept. 16, 2009: Wonderful people provided support


To The Editor:
When it comes to saying thank you, it is very hard when you don’t know where to start. But on Sunday, Sept. 6, it was proven that this region is surrounded by good and wonderful people. That is the reason that in the name of the Navarrete family I would like to thank the awesome people who have been with them from the beginning of this tragic moment, with their compassion, love, financial and moral support. Especially the people from the emergency room at Margaretville Memorial Hospital.
I personally would like to say thank you to the mayor of Fleischmanns and his board members who helped make this fund-raiser possible, as well as donated and cooked the very good hamburgers and hot dogs. Thank you to the Catskill Mountain Christian Center and their Family Table, to Sam’s of Fleischmanns for their support, to the Fleischmanns Methodist Church, to DJ Tito and the wonderful music, to the Flour Patch, to Mi Lupita and their tamales, to the Mountain Athletic Club for the kids’ activities, to Ayla’s for the gift certificate, Donatello’s for support, to the Nava family, and finally to the soccer teams who played a wonderful tournament and donated half the proceeds to Neysa, the princess.
I could go on forever thanking all the different people who supported these efforts in making this such a wonderful and successful community fund-raiser. I wish you the best, and God bless you all.
Querida comunidad hispana de todo corazon les doy las gracias y sobre todo me llane de orgullo de saber y probar que en las union esta la fuerza a todos ustedes que participaron en tan maravillozo evento. Ustedes jugadores continuen demonstrando que tan buenos son. Que Dios los vendiga a ustedes y sus familiares.
Gaudys Sanford, Fleischmanns