Sept. 16, 2009: What a waste of easy money


To The Editor:
This past Labor Day weekend, all of my closest neighbors gathered at my house for the annual Todd Mt. potluck lunch.
After everyone left I found myself with a huge bag of bottles and cans along with the plastic Snapple variety. When I went to my transfer station on Route 30, near the Round Barn, I questioned the supervisor about all those containers which were each worth five cents. What he told me was that all the deposit bottles and cans are crushed together and no one reclaims the deposit. He also told me that hundreds of dollars are thrown away each day when no one redeems the containers. He also said that a local boy scout troop was contacted and suggested that they install a large bucket at the transfer station so that the troop could benefit financially when they turned in the contents. Seems the idea went nowhere.
I looked into the recycle bin and realized he was right! Hundreds of bottles and cans, each worth one nickel, lay amongst the assortment of non-redeemable containers. What a waste! The Coca Cola Company is laughing all the way to the bank and you, the consumer, have all gifted them the money you have already laid out when you purchased their products!
So why doesn’t someone install a large garbage can or any other receptacle at the transfer station so that the money we have already spent can be returned to whomever takes the time and trouble to turn those deposit bottles/cans in at one of the stores nearby? Believe it or not, there are folks in the city who actually support themselves on the money from redeeming the deposit bottles/cans.
After my conversation with the transfer station supervisor, I drove to Freshtown and got a neat bit of change from all the remains of my lovely party.

Lee Parker,