Sept. 16, 2009: Change will occur in good time


To The Editor:
“You lie!” was the cry during the President’s address to a joint session of Congress. It at once epitomized the mean spirited and bogus provocations that have been bursting out of conservatives all summer. The goal of this acting out is to crush the possibility of change. Whether it was talk of “death panels” by an Alaskan quitter desperate to stay in the news or town hall displays of free-floating anger organized and financed by corporate opponents of health insurance reform, the conservative agenda is to squelch debate and protect the special interests who stand to lose if the country moves forward to universal health coverage for all Americans.
But the question is how does this affect us in Delaware County? It is estimated that there are over 2.5 million uninsured people in New York State. When those people get sick, they go to emergency rooms and get the most expensive type of care available. When the hospitals do not get paid for that care, they require subsidies, paid for by your taxes. Insuring the uninsured would allow for preventive care and keep them out of the ERs, simultaneously saving money and promoting health.
What about those of us who have insurance already? Health insurance reform will protect us because it will be illegal for insurers to drop coverage for you because you get sick and insurers will no longer be able to arbitrarily deny coverage for needed care.
We, the people, all stand to gain from health insurance reform, so whenever the next conservative inspired distraction comes along, see it for what it is. If we all keep our eyes on the ball, change will occur and the health of those of us in Delaware County will be better because of it.

Mona Lee Sheehan