Seniors lose free skiing


To The Editor:
Attention all politicians and seniors over 70 skies.

With the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) in position to take over the Belleayre Ski Area in Highmount, from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, us seniors over 70 will lose our free skiing privileges, as we have at Whiteface and Gore Mountain areas. This takeaway was done after ORDA took over the operations from the DEC at Whiteface and Gore mountains.

How bad can the NYS budget be, to remove such a privilege from the over 70 senior community?
At Whiteface and Gore Mountain, we seniors went from “$0” to $210-$299 for a season pass or $38 for a one-day. What type of a percentage increase is that?

We were able to ski free; what is the rationale to place a monetary burden on an already overtaxed senior?

Old skiers unite, otherwise it’s all downhill from here. No pun intended.

John Chimento