School district voters easily OK budgets

Staff report
Margaretville, Andes and Roxbury voters easily approved school budgets for 2008-2009 during voting last Tuesday.
The Margaretville budget was up 6.9 percent overall and totaled $10,673,038. The tax levy increase will be 4.8 percent.
District voters approved the measure by a margin of 103-36. Randall Moore of Margaretville was elected to fill a vacancy on the school board and received 125 votes.
The Roxbury budget passed by a vote of 241-119. The budget reflects a 2.8 percent increase and a tax levy hike of 3.8 percent.
Two school board positions were filled. Will Finch received 278 votes as he ran without opposition. In the race for a second seat, Tara Needham-Poniros won by a 162-132 margin over Lela Davis.
Andes School District voters approved the school’s new budget by a 100-40 vote.
The proposition to purchase a new bus was approved 91-47. In voting for two school board positions, Michael Tuch had 99 votes and Gerry Murphy received 97 votes as both ran without opposition.