Roxbury Site Plan Review Law under consideration

By Brian Sweeney
A proposed Site Plan Review Law for the Town of Roxbury will be the subject of a public hearing at the town hall on Monday, Sept. 13 at 7 p.m. The Site Plan Review Law has been modified from a version that was voted down by the board several years ago.

Supervisor Tom Hynes said the primary change in the Site Plan Review Law is that restrictions on residential building projects have been eliminated.

“It’s aimed solely at commercial establishments,” Supervisor Hynes explained.

He noted that Roxbury planners and board members, in conjunction with the Delaware County Planning Department, have been working on the law, on an off, for more than six years.
“We’ve made some changes,” the supervisor pointed out. “We just think that somebody should be able to look at a set of plans (before a business opens). Right now, somebody can come in and do just about anything they want to do.”

Supervisor Hynes said the idea of the Site Plan Review Law was rekindled about two years ago when a construction and demolition business was proposed in Grand Gorge and several neighbors objected to the plan.

A summary provided by the town indicates that the proposed law “ensures that development on individual parcels of land fits into the community, is consistent with local planning goals and objectives, and does not adversely affect surrounding areas. It allows the development of new businesses in a safe, orderly and efficient manner.

“In addition, it is the intent of this local law to honor individuals’ property rights. It is further the intent of this local law to ensure the optimum overall conservation, protection, preservation, development and use of the natural and man-related resources of the town through review and approval of site plans,” the proposed document states.

The proposed rules would establish rules for building-related topics such as entryways, parking and signage. The Site Plan Review Law is intended to be consistent with the Town of Roxbury’s Comprehensive Plan, the supervisor noted.

Copies of the proposal are available at the town clerk’s office at 53613 State Highway 30, Roxbury. The Roxbury Town Board will accept public comment on the proposed law until September 20.