Roxbury seeks input on Comprehensive Plan

Roxbury — The Town of Roxbury is in the process of developing an updated comprehensive plan for the town.

The town board decided to update the current plan, which was developed in 2002, in order to make sure that the document stays current and relevant to the needs of Roxbury and Grand Gorge.
With assistance from a planning consultant, the planning board has designed a survey to make sure that the updated plan incorporates the thoughts, opinions, hopes, and aspirations of the residents. The new plan will be a blueprint to guide physical growth, land use, recreation, infrastructure and community development action strategies for the next decade.

The town invites all Roxbury and Grand Gorge residents and landowners to participate in the survey.
The survey can be done in two ways: on paper by picking up a copy at town hall or calling the town hall at 607 326-7641 to receive a copy or as an online survey by going to and look for the “Comprehensive Plan Survey” link.

All residents, property owners, civic groups, businesses, and government officials are invited and encouraged to participate in this survey. All surveys should be completed by December 23.
During this past summer, the town’s consultants from Community Planning & Environmental Associates lead town residents from Roxbury and Grand Gorge through two planning workshops to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in the town, and to develop a town-wide vision statement.

The survey is designed to build on the information learned in those sessions. It is very important that as many people in town participate as possible because the strength of the comprehensive plan comes when it is developed with the input from a diversity of people involved in the process.