Roxbury Nine and Mountain Athletic Club swing it out at Kirkside

Roxbury — The gorgeous green ball field of Kirkside Park in Roxbury makes the perfect setting this Saturday, June 20 at noon for an old-fashioned game of hard fought vintage baseball between the Roxbury Nine and their neighborly rivals, the Mountain Athletic Club (M.A.C.) of Fleischmanns. Vintage baseball is a great Father’s Day weekend gift (that costs nothing!) and one the whole family will truly relish.
There will be plenty of dads out there swinging away, because both ball teams are composed entirely of volunteers from the two hamlets: builders, teachers, carpenters and businessmen who suit up in their baggy flannels for the glorious cause of baseball, played without any fancy equipment (only the catcher gets a glove.)
The Roxbury Nine plays by the rules of 1898, and the M.A.C. specializes in the 1895 game, so you’re in for some turn-of-the-century fun, with strict adherence to vintage baseball’s rule book and no back talk to the umpire’s calls. There’ll be ballpark fare to make the afternoon complete with mustard and relish!
The Roxbury Nine, veterans of the vintage circuit, are now in their 10th season, while the Fleischmanns teammates just revived the “Mountain Athletic Club” a few years ago. The Nine and the MAC have already faced off during Fleischmanns’ Memorial Day Weekend Classic this season, so there will be a few scores to settle among these friendly but fierce rivals.
Once bitten by the baseball fever, you’ll want more, and the Nine will be playing Saturday home games on July 4 and August 8, and at Denver’s Old School Baptist Church grounds on July 11. Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 5-6) there’ll be two full days of games as the annual Harry M. Keator Games get underway in Kirkside Park during the 10th annual Turn of the Century Days. 
Kirkside Park ball field is located just behind the majestic Gould Memorial stone church on Roxbury’s Main Street. Visit to learn more about the Roxbury Nine and get a complete season schedule, or call 607 326-3722 for more information.