Roxbury News: Sept. 21, 2011

A surprise 85th birthday luncheon was given Caroline Thompson at the home of her daughter, Barbara Meade on Friday, Aug. 26. The 14 people present included local family and friends as well as guests from Grand Gorge. Caroline said they also had an enjoyable time reminiscing.
Mary Lou Niles of Ocala, Florida recently spent 10 days with her brother and sister-in-law David and Barbara Munsell.

Rev. Dykstra would like to express appreciation to those who helped in sorting clothes and canned goods at the church and carriage house the past few days. He said the donation of clothes is on hold at the present but the donation of canned goods is still welcome.

Late Thursday afternoon the oldest son of Phil and Barbara Finch, Eric and their granddaughter, Shannon and their new great-granddaughter, Kaitlyn Marie and great-grandson, Nicholas of Clarence, visited them. They also spent time with Eric’s sister, Kristin at Stamford.

A telephone call from a longtime Roxbury resident and friend, who is now living in Indiana, surprised Esther Snyder Saturday, Sept. 17 when the caller was David Scudder. He was interested to know how we made out in Roxbury and would have liked to get a copy of the Catskill Mountain News which had the pictures of the flood in it. She was sorry to have to tell him all the papers had been sold out.

Esther also had another telephone call that same day from a friend she had become acquainted with in recent years. Hilda Finkle is the youngest of the four daughters of Max Silberman who were former residents of Fleischmanns several years ago. Mr. Silberman built the Galli Curci house as well as the Fleischmanns theater. She hopes to visit the Margaretville area next summer.