Roxbury News: Sept. 1, 2010

Gene Cronk and his son, Eugene, participated in the tractor pull at the Delaware County Fair. Eugene placed fourth in the 10,500 class. Gene placed third in the 14,500 class and fifth in the jumbo class.
The highlight of the day was when Eugene was presented with the sportsmanship trophy.

Don and Reba Brainerd spent four days last week visiting Joel and Dawn Gregory Walentuk at Wellesley Island on the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Lena Rowe is enjoying her retirement after being the cook at Kirkside for 24 years.

Friends of Elton Ridge are happy to know that he is at his home recuperating.

In conversation with Bill Sanford of Halcottsville, he reports that he no longer has to wear the next brace.

Louise Mudge celebrated her birthday with her son, Randy and his wife, Anne Mudge and Abby and Anne Jones, who took her to Albany for dinner Tuesday. They went on the Dutch Apple cruise on the Hudson River for three hours which included dancing and music by the band which is also heard over station 107.7 in Albany.

Later they drove to Catskill and met Louise’s son, Terry Mudge and her brother, Earl Moore Jr. and they all went down to visit Louise’s sister, Gertrude Simpson at Lutheran Care Center in Poughkeepsie. Also joining the group was Louise’s great-granddaughter, Shawna Madero of Morris.