Roxbury News: December 7, 2011

Week of Nov. 30
Victor Sprague was given a surprise 80th birthday party at the Margaretville Firehall on Saturday, Nov. 12 at 1 o’clock. All of his eight children were present which included Victor Sprague Jr., Russell Sprague, Barbara Chapdelaine, Kathy Johnson, Vicki Sprague, Bill and Amy Sprague, Kaitlyn Sprague and Cassie Sprague.

Seven of his nine grandchildren were present as follows: Josh and Cassanda Sprague, Adam and Roxanne Sprague, Christopher and Erica Sprague, Cody Johnson, Jonathan Chapdelaine, Raven Sprague and Nick Sprague. The two grandchildren who were not present were Danny and Michelle Sprague.

All of his great-grandchildren attended which included Noah, Caleb, Ethan, Samuel, Christopher and Morgan.

Vic’s sisters who were present were Shirley Yeary, Doris and Albert Coss and Betty and Kathy Martin.
Other guests present were Michael Glidden and Sheila Flood.

Tony and Ruth Carmeli celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary on Saturday, Nov. 26 at their home. Their daughter, Margaret Carmeli and husband, Art and their daughter, Rebecca spent the weekend with them. They also received telephone calls from friends wishing them a happy anniversary.

Mr. and Mrs. Manley Haight of Gilboa entertained the following people for Thanksgiving: Mr. and Mrs. Steve Haight, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Haight and sons, Brandon and Adam, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Davis, Mrs. Janet Hallock, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kanna and Thelma Wheeler.
Elna Hinkley spent a week with Anthony Iacovelli and family at Mamaroneck. Savannah Hinkley of Albany spent three days at their home then brought Elna back to her home.

A family Thanksgiving dinner was held at the home of Vincent and Anne Snyder. Those present were Tamara and Aaron Titch, Kristin Snyder and fiancé, Joel Zale, Greg, Kerry and Cooper Snyder, Paul and Judy Snyder, Shirley Payne, Byron Wright, Dwayne Wright, Jaime Wright Bouck and sons, Hunter and Darien, Sue O’Neil, Stanley Cook and Esther Snyder.

Our community was saddened to learn that Michelle MacNaught, daughter of Mrs. MacNaught, the Home Economics teacher at RCS, passed away. The funeral was held at the Alliance Church in Delhi last Wednesday, Nov. 23 which several people from this area attended.
Week of Dec. 7

Friday Ed Fersch and Kathy Berg visited their daughter, Alisa, who performed in the Wesleyan Taiko Drumming Ensemble in Middletown, CT. Taiko is an ancient Japanese form of percussion using large drums with the dynamic playing style. Sunday they visited Kathy’s mother, Adele, in Oneonta and enjoyed lunch out, a service at the Oneonta Methodist Church and browsing at a holiday craft fair at SUCO.

Bob and Jean MacConnell entertained the following family members for Thanksgiving: Robert and wife, Karen of South Portland, Maine; Kelly and husband, David of Falmouth, Maine and Kathy and John of Hanover, New Hampshire and their families. Danny Underwood was also a guest.
Bob and Jean MacConnell have returned from a nine-day cruise to the Mediterranean recently. Bob’s brother and his sister-in-law also accompanied them. Afterwards they went to Florida for three weeks but have come home for the holidays.