Roxbury News: Dec. 30, 2008


Miles and Lois Kohler celebrated Christmas with three gatherings of various family members. Granddaughter Brittany Olsen was to have graduated from SUNY Cobleskill on Dec. 19, but the weather made it necessary to cancel the event. Brittany is now interning in equine care on Long Island.
The Kohler family from Norwalk, Connecticut will visit after New Year’s Day. Granddaughter Megan Kohler is in Florida this week with her Norwalk High School Band. Megan will perform with the band at the Citrus Bowl and also parade in the band at Disney World.
Joe and Lorraine Monteleone have enjoyed the visit of Brian and Lindy and their two children from Asheville, North Carolina. They have snow there, but nothing like the 15 inches they found here upon arrival. The two-year-old granddaughter thoroughly enjoyed being pulled around on a sled. Lorraine’s mother, Virginia Giglio of Springhill, Florida has also been visiting. Joe Monteleone Jr., and his girlfriend Corrina from New York City, joined the family for Christmas dinner.
Joan Pebler hosted Christmas dinner for her daughter’s family, Susan and Art Sprague and daughters Kendra, Shannon and Morgan and her boyfriend Brian.
David and Barbara Scudder were among a number of area people who enjoyed the Christmas dinner at the Stamford Firehouse which was put together by several Stamford residents. Visiting with people from Jefferson and Prattsville was one of the highlights of the gathering.
Christmas Day guests of Paul and Judy Snyder of Harpersfield were Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Snyder, Esther Snyder, Tamara Snyder, Aaron Titch, Kristin Snyder, Louis Robinson, Dwayne Wright, Scott Wright, Lindsey Wright, Danny Wright, Amanda Schuman and Byron Wright.