Roxbury High School competed in regional Science Olympiad

The Roxbury Central School High School Science Olympiad Team finished ninth at the Capitol District Regional Tournament held at the College of Saint Rose on Saturday, Feb. 8.
Over half of the A-Team members were able to capture at least one medal as the Rockets matched up against the biggest schools in the Albany area.
Event participants are listed below with the top-half place finishes identified.
Anatomy, Emily Arvanete and Larissa Shultis 10th place; Boomilever, Lizzy Davis and Caroline Davis Bronze Medal; Compound Machines, Adam Loper and Beau O’Donnell 9th place; Dynamic Planet, Beau O’Donnell and Becky Jones 12th place; Elastic Glider, Bronze Medal; Beau O’Donnell and Kyle Faraci; Entomology,
Joe McAfee and Jenna Blunt 4th place; Forensics, Isabel Battista, and Molly O’Brien 4th place; Green Generation, Desi Fairbairn and Lizzy Davis 7th place; Magnetic Levitation, Adam Loper and Beau O’Donnell Bronze Medal; Materials Science, Adam Loper and Joe McAfee 10th place; Rocks and Minerals, Kyle Faraci and Larissa Shultis 4th place medal; Scrambler,
Lizzy Davis and Caroline Davis Gold Medal; Water Quality, Joe McAfee and Jenna Blunt 5th place medal and Write It / Do It, Becky Jones and Desi Fairbairn 12th place medal. Jessica Moore and Morgan Sullivan did several events as B-Team members and placed ninth in Write It / Do It.
The team is coached by Fred Zimmerman, Jessica Boyer, Jamie Kellerhouse, Al Vigna, Jason Stevenson, and Joan Kemp. Volunteer assistant coaches are Paul Gossen, Robert Titus, Roger Hickey, Sid Wallace, and Marc Kantrowitz.