Roxbury graduates gathered for alumni banquet

By Betty Heiseler
The RCS Alumni Banquet was held Saturday, July 17 at Shephard Hills Golf Club in Roxbury with 50 people attending. This included 35 alumni and 15 guests. A dinner buffet was catered by Mary’s Cookin’ Again and music was provided by DJ Patrick del Rosario.
President Lorrayne Lang Bolger welcomed alumni and guests. She brought everyone up-to-date on recent deaths and announced the correction of the death of Sylvia Buyce, class of 1958 and not Sylvia Blakeslee, class of 1956, as was reported in the newsletter.
The oldest alumni attending was Martha Restchack Tueck from the class of 1937, who was presented with a gift card from Cassie’s Café.
A jug of maple syrup anonymously donated went to Mary Beth Quackenbush Robinson, class of 1990, the alumna that traveled the furthest, from St. Petersburg, Fla.
Sunday’s golf tournament was canceled due to lack of participation.
There was a nomination from the floor for the position of vice president. Veronica Graham Wranovics, class of 1959 was appointed. The current officers will continue for the coming year: president Lorrayne Bolger, class of 1983 and secretary-treasurer Betty Heiseler, class of 1959.
Esther Finch Snyder, class of 1946, was introduced as the surprised guest speaker, and in spite of a recent bout with bronchitis, she gave a humorous report down memory lane of her days at RCS as well as her employment as school secretary and treasurer.
The graduates in attendance were:
Class of 1937—Martha Restchack Tucek
Class of 1939—Betty O’Hara Moore, Elna Peck Hinkley
Class of 1944—Gordon Proskine
Class of 1945—Dan Underwood
Class of 1946—Esther Finch Snyder, Doris Van Aken Kelly, Bob Preston
Class of 1948—Ronnie Ballard
Class of 1950—Bob Schuman
Class of 1951—Andrew Archibald, Jerry Raeder, Kathy Shultis Wilbur
Class of 1953—Ronnie Morse
Class of 1955—Gary Hinkley, David Munsell
Class of 1957—Gary Slauson
Class of 1959—Betty Harrington Heiseler
Class of 1962—Linda Slauson Myers
Class of 1964—Helen Gerken Hopler
Class of 1974—Anthony Iacovelli
Class of 1977—John Bolger
Class of 1980—Larry Whiteny
Class of 1982—Jim Whitney, Mark Cammer
Class of 1983—Andrea Munsell Cammer, Lorrayne Lang Bolger
Class of 1986—Tom Greene, Tina Bussy Greene
Class of 1990—George Proctor, Tim McMahon, Beth Quackenbush Robinson, Jen Donnelly Clark, BillieJo Roberts
Class of 2010—Jon Dykstra