Rotary Club raffle for Freshtown grocery spree won by Nora Todd

By Joe Moskowitz
Nora Todd got an early Christmas gift of free food and plenty of it, courtesy of the Margaretville Rotary Club, with some help, via a discount, from Freshtown Marketplace.
The food wasn’t entirely free. Todd did have to spend a dollar for a raffle ticket. Her winning ticket was one of more than a thousand tickets sold by the Rotary Club as a fundraiser. Sales were brisk the final weekend of the raffle sale as it was the beginning of the hunting season and Rotary member Sallie Van Benschoten said hunters were very generous.
Todd wasn’t present when the winning ticket was drawn but she was close by in one sense. Her daughter, Lizzie, an employee at Freshtown was asked to pull the winning ticket out of the drum. She never looked at it and handed it directly to Rotary President Eric Van Benschoten who read the name of the winner, The pastor of the Margaretville Methodist Church, a Rotary member stood next her. It was an honest coincidence.
Last Wednesday was the day for Todd to claim her prize. She was told she should have worn sneakers as she had only three minutes in which to grab as many non-meat or alcohol products as possible.
She was given time to walk through the store before starting the dash. Then, with Rotary member Gary Marks serving as timekeeper, the dash was underway. It was more of a deliberate stroll as Todd appeared to be in no hurry, but had a plan.
The three minutes flew by. She had $155.28 worth of items in the cart. Pet foods took a sizable portion.
She said of her adventure, “Three minutes goes very fast.”
Todd isn’t done. She also got a $200 dollar Freshtown gift certificate, which she can use to buy whatever she wants at her own pace.
The Rotary, which purchased the food Todd collected from Freshtown, received a 15 percent discount from Freshtown on Todd’s winnings.
The money the Rotary made from the raffle will go toward its youth programs, which include scholarships and international student exchange.