Rockets fell DCS; Devils, Mountaineers beaten

By Julia Green
Roxbury was the only local boys’ hoop team to post a victory last week.

Roxbury 53, Downsville 37 (Friday)
The Roxbury Rockets posted a convincing 53-37 win over the host Eagles of Downsville on Friday night. Led by DaVaun Morgan and Dylan Stock, who tallied 15 points apiece, the Rockets also got 14 points from Ed Williams and five from Kyle Ciaravino. Morgan also led the Rockets in rebounds.
“We kept our turnovers down in the first half,” said Roxbury Head Coach Tom Faraci. “We did a good job with that. And we did a good job defensively, and I thought we had a lot of energy, and we did a good job on the glass all night.”
Faraci was also pleased by his team’s shot selection, adding that the shots his players took “weren’t forced or rushed.”
“It was good because the first half I think we played real well and the second half I’m not so sure we played really well, so I’m going to say it was good because we made mistakes, but it’s still that whole process going, ‘We need to feel the pressure.’ We had a 12- or 13-point lead, and I think they cut it to 10, and I think we needed that – not to run away with that game. That experience is something I hope we’re going to be able to draw on here.”
“I think we’re getting a little better every night, and I hope that we keep progressing from here,” he added. “That’s kind of my hope. We’ll see what happens.”

Margaretville 29, Davenport 57 (Friday)
Despite a narrow four-point deficit at the close of the first quarter, the Margaretville Blue Devils were unable to keep within striking distance when they traveled to Davenport on Friday. The host Wildcats posted a 57-29 over the visiting Blue Devils, who were led by senior Brian Faulkner, who tallied 11 points.
“I just thought after the first quarter, when it was 10-6, then we were down 11-8, and then Marcus [Moore] and Brian [Faulkner] both got three fouls… we just got in foul trouble, and we never got it together,” said Margaretville Head Coach Dave Goodchild. “We got in foul trouble and just lost our confidence.”
The wheels came off in the second quarter, during which the Wildcats went on a 19-2 scoring run to take a 29-8 lead. They kept up the pressure in the third, tallying 26 points to Margaretville’s six to widen their lead to 55-14 and effectively put it beyond the Blue Devils’ reach.
“We were playing good defense the first quarter, and mainly our defense kept us in the game,” Goodchild said. “But then with the fouls, we just didn’t have them. We just got out of our game and couldn’t play the defense that we played the first quarter, and that hurt us.”
The Blue Devil offense picked up in the fourth quarter, tallying 15 points, but the damage had been done. Mitch Vankeuren and Marcus Moore combined to tally 12 points for Margaretville.
“I think we can play with anybody,” Goodchild said. “It’s just – we’ve got to keep our confidence up and stay out of foul trouble. We show signs of playing well.”
The Blue Devils faced the visiting Indians of Stamford on Tuesday; no result was available at press time. They will host the MCS Varsity Tournament this weekend; the tournament will begin at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 17. The Blue Devils will face Gilboa in the second game at 7 p.m. on Thursday. Thursday’s winners will advance to the championship match on Saturday.
South Kortright 67, Andes 38 (Friday)
They couldn’t quite stop South Kortright senior Rashawn Herrington, who tallied 29 points and went 7-for-10 from the free-throw line to lead the visiting Rams to a 67-38 rout of the host Mountaineers on Friday.
“He’s just an awesome player,” said Head Coach John Bernhardt. “He’s like the catalyst for everything that happens on their team.”
The Rams wasted no time, going on a 23-5 scoring run in the opening quarter to put the Mountaineers in an early hole. Bernhardt estimated that his team only tallied five shots in the opening quarter.
The Andes offense mounted more of an attack in the second quarter, tallying 11 points to South Kortright’s 19, leading to a 42-16 score at the half.
Andes played its best defense in the third quarter, limiting the Rams’ offense to just nine points, and had its best offensive quarter, putting 12 points on the board.
“In the third quarter we played very well,” Bernhardt said. “We outscored them but we were in desperate foul trouble, and we didn’t jump to the ball well against South Kortright, so we ended up allowing people to cut in front of us and get the ball, and then we fouled a lot.”
Andes tallied 22 fouls to South Kortright’s three.
“It was poor defensive play,” Bernhardt summed up. We were intimidated really, and we weren’t playing as well as we had previously. But good things happened as a result of that, and the best was the play of Sage Beemer. Sage had a very difficult first half like the rest of us, but something kicked in and in the second half he loosened up and played so much more relaxed, and he crashed the boards and ended up having 15 rebounds for us. So it was a big game for him.”
Bernhardt was also pleased with the play of Eddie Mackay, who tallied seven steals for the Mountaineers.
“He just played fearlessly,” he said. “He wasn’t concerned about Rashawn – I just loved the fact that he played without fear and just really put himself into the game.”
Eric Reed led Andes in scoring, tallying 11 points including Andes’ lone three-pointer, and Beemer added 10 points.