Replace the Fleischmanns bridge


To The Editor:
There is a dark side to the issue of the bridge replacement on Bridge Street in Fleischmanns. The county’s decision not to replace the bridge has sinister overtones, echoing the politics of the 21st century. All money that is earmarked for distribution is based on special interests and who carries the biggest stick. The concept of right does not matter.

The county says it will cost $2.5 million to replace the bridge. The county’s lead minion, Wayne Reynolds has included the “fear factor” and the “what if” scenario to bolster the country’s position. None of his claims have any validity.

The figure of $2.5 million is as accurate as the original projected cost of rebuilding Main Street, Margaretville was. I have conferred with a DOT engineer and his assessment is not so surprisingly very different. Apparently the figure of $2.5 million just happens to coincide with the county’s agenda.

Installing the Bailey bridge that the county already owns should cost the county les than $50,000 and that includes securing the bridge in the most scientific manner. If my arithmetic is correct, that’s a $2,450,000 savings. In all honesty, the county does not want to spend fifty cents on the bridge or in Fleischmanns.

The county made sure to get rid of the old bridge faster than a speeding bullet, before any meaningful discussion or decisions could be made. The county is playing hardball with Fleischmanns while spending huge sums of money in places where their special interests are satisfied.
We can ponder as to why Fleischmanns has such a low priority. Is it prejudice, or, are we just not worthy of fitting in the county’s agenda. I don’t know the answer. What I do know is that the county is playing poker with a pair of threes. It’s incomprehensible that Wayne Reynolds maintains his argument. It holds no water! It’s a complete load of political sewer being fed to us and the county wants us to eat it and say it tastes good.

Currently in China, engineers are building high-speed railroads throughout their country and constructing space ships to travel throughout the universe. Wayne Reynolds wants us to believe he cannot in “good conscious” build a small bridge over a much smaller stream.

No dice, Wayne! You’ve been acting like a disgraceful politician. Get some brass, go back to engineering, replace the Bridge Street bridge, do not take Harriet’s house, and no more bull.

Warren Slavin,