Reilly/Granito resign from Fleischmann Planning Board

By Jay Braman Jr.
Larry Reilly, chairman of the Village of Fleischmanns Planning Board, and planning board member John Granito, resigned from that board on the same day in July.
Plus, an oversight about another member’s term expiration has effectively shut the planning board down, prompting the cancellation of a controversial public hearing that had been scheduled for Tuesday, August 6.

On Wednesday, July 24 Fleischmanns Village Clerk Lorraine DeMarfio received short but official messages from both Reilly and Granito.
“Thank you for the opportunity I have had to serve the village for the past several years,” Reilly wrote.

“I am leaving my position on the planning board,” wrote Granito.
The loss of two from the five-member board was unfortunate, but with three members left it was okay to move ahead with the already-scheduled public hearing on Thomas Shamro’s plan to operate an auto repair and used vehicle sales on DNEP Corp. property at 684 Wagner Avenue in Fleischmanns.

That hearing was to be held Tuesday, Aug. 6 but just one day beforehand it was discovered that another member of the planning board, Don Kearney, was no longer an official member because no one noticed that his term had expired.

According to Kent Manuel of the Delaware County Planning Department, this meant that the hearing, if were held, would only be an unofficial gathering because three board members in good standing are needed for a quorum.

“It’s a shame that this was discovered so late,” said Manuel, who has been consulting with Fleischmanns officials on the matter. “Some people may very well be driving up from the city for this and they won’t know it has been canceled until they read the sign on the door.”
Mayor Todd Pascarella was apologetic as well Tuesday, saying that he hopes to remedy things quickly.

With three of five planning board seats now needing to be filled, Pascarella has put out the word that anyone interested should get in touch with him personally before next week’s village board meeting, when he hopes to make as many appointments as he can.
“Anyone interested should call my office at 254-6599,” he said.