Rehab services expand at Margaretville Hospital


Margaretville — Margaretville Hospital is continuing to expand the services offered in its Rehabilitation Department.
The hospital offers a full range of Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) programs and has recently added Speech Therapy for outpatients.
Rehabilitation Manager Carly Jones, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), noted that her staff provides a broad scope of outpatient and inpatient services to treat ailments affecting nearly every area of the body. Among the most common problems seen are vertigo (balance), neurological issues, musculoskeletal problems, tendonitis and bone complications.
“We largely focus on pain relief and improving mobility,” Dr. Jones explained.
Patients who come to the hospital for PT or OT must provide a physician’s prescription approving initial treatment. Once a program is underway, the number of sessions needed to obtain desired outcomes can vary, Dr. Jones explained.
“Usually they come to therapy for a month or two and, when discharged, have the option of joining the independent exercise program for $20 per month. This works really well because we can still supervise them and assist if they are having any issues,” she noted.
The department offers an array of equipment to provide whatever types of rehabilitation services that are necessary for patients. The apparatus includes industrial upper and lower extremity gym equipment, recumbent bikes, steppers, elliptical machines, parallel bars (for balance issues), universal machines and traction machines.
The staff also utilizes ultrasound, cold and hot pack treatments and electrical stimulation, depending on a patient’s needs.
On the OT side, Dr. Jones said these services are generally centered on the upper extremities and focus on assisting patients with improving daily tasks like showering, cooking, tooth brushing and fine motor skills. The OT staff also work extensively with individuals suffering carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger and recovery from stroke and/or surgery.
“There is some overlap in treatment, but the Occupational Therapy is a little more specialized in these areas,” Dr. Jones pointed out.
Margaretville Hospital also offers comprehensive physical, occupational and speech therapies in its Swing Bed program. This program allows for patients in Swing Bed care to receive the appropriate therapies. The focus is to assist with maximizing the patient's function, safety and independence prior to discharge.
“Our goal is getting people to function at the level they were at before coming to the hospital,” Dr. Jones stated.
In addition to Dr. Jones, the staff includes Anna Chetnik, DPT; Barbara Canfield, PT; Jennifer Robinson, PTA; Kayla Calandros, PTA; Leanne Legg, OT; Katherine Reich, SLP; and Melinda Hitchcock, office coordinator.
Margaretville Hospital is located at 42084 State Highway 28, Margaretville. For additional information about the hospital’s Rehabilitation Services, please call 845 586-2631, extension 3170.

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