Recognize mayor for all he did


To The Editor:
Holding public office in rural communities like ours is really a labor of love, and very often, motivated by a simple belief that one person can make a positive difference in their world.  Our local leaders don’t have plush offices with advisors, secretaries and personal assistants.  

Instead they are regular guys and gals willing to take on all the responsibility of running a business with an annual budget of $850,000.  They do it after their 9-5 jobs, on their days off and at the expense of their precious time with their families, for often less than $100 a month.  
It is truly a remarkable person who is willing to make this kind of a commitment, this level of sacrifice.

And in a time of natural disaster, the burden can be overwhelming.  
Yet Dave Morell was there to rise to each and every challenge, guided by his optimistic vision that things can and will always get better with hard work and devotion.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank former Mayor Dave Morell for all that he has done for Fleischmanns these past three years, all that he has gotten started, and all that he has dreamed for the future.  I am very grateful that we had him to lead us through the aftermath of Irene and Lee, and to lay the foundation of the rebuilding of our village.

Jeanine Pascarella,