RCS Olympiad teams advance toward regionals

The junior high team and the high school team are both moving forward toward their regional tournaments. The high school team will compete on Feb. 6 at the College of Saint Rose in Albany. The junior high team will compete on March 13 at Ravena Middle School South of Albany. The selection process for individual events is ongoing for the junior high but is almost complete for the high school.
At the January combined-team meeting a motion was passed to send a $200 check from the Science Olympiad Trip Account in the student fund to the American Red Cross. The donation is intended to assist relief aid for the Haitian earthquake victims. The funds in this account were raised by the team members as donations.
Roxbury Central School Division C (high school) Regional Competition team for 2010 includes:
Anatomy and Physiology, Rachel Meckes and Angela Perazone; Astronomy, Meghan Wallace and Tarah DiBenedetto; Cell Biology, Angela Perazone and Alexa Finch; Chemistry Lab, Tarah DiBenedetto and Garrett Hall; Disease Detective, Angela Perazone and Alexi Boice; Dynamic Planet, Mike McAfee and T.B.D.; Ecology, Angela Perazone and T.B.D.; Elevated Bridge, Mike McAfee and T.B.D.; Environmental Chemistry, Brittney Bell and Brandi Carufe; Experimental Design, Rachel Meckes and Brandi Carufe and Abby Wallace; Forensics, Meghan Wallace and Abby Wallace; Fossils, Mike McAfee and Tarah DiBenedetto; Helicopter Flight, T.B.D.; Mousetrap Vehicle, Garrett Hall and Steven Futterman; Ornithology, Briana Sullivan and Tiffany Faulkner; Physics Lab, Brandi Carufe and T.B.D.; Picture This, Rachel Meckes and Tarah DiBenedetto and Meghan Wallace; Protein Modeling, Rachel Meckes and Alexa Finch; Remote Sensing, Mike McAfee and T.B.D.; Sumo Bots, Garrett Hall and Mike McAfee; Technical Problem Solving, Garrett Hall and T.B.D.; Trajectory, Garrett Hall and Steven Futterman; Write It/Do It, Meghan Wallace and Rachel Meckes.