RCS Alumni banquet at Plattekill

The Annual Roxbury Alumni Banquet was held on July 16, 2011 at Plattekill Ski Center with 53 attending, which included 34 alumni and 19 guests..
The delicious buffet was catered by the staff at Plattekill, and sky rides were offered and enjoyed by several.

President Lorrayne Bolger welcomed the alumni and guests and brought the meeting together by thanking everyone who helped make this event a success.

Tony German, class of 1977, was the guest speaker. Tony gave a very inspirational speech about growing up in a small town and emphasized the importance of service to our communities and our country and supporting our troops.

A gift certificate from Cassie’s Café was presented to the oldest alumni in attendance, Ruth Todd Roney, Martha Restchack Tucek and Bill Sanford, all from the class of 1937, were the recipients.
The Alumni Scholarship Award of $400 went to Kaitlin Brew at this year’s graduation.

50/50 tickets were sold and the winner, Bill Sanford, returned half back to the Alumni Association.
The following alumni attended:
Class of 1937: Ruth Todd Roney, Martha Restchack Tucek, Willis “Bill” Sanford
Class of 1939: Elna Peck Hinkley, Betty O’Hara Moore
Class of 1944: Caroline Hinkley Thompson
Class of 1945: Edna Hinkley Busier
Class of 1946: Doris Van Aken Kelly, Robert Preston, Esther Finch Snyder
Class of 1951: Jerry Raeder, Catherine Shultis Wilbur
Class of 1955: Gary Hinkley, David Munsell
Class of 1959: Betty Harrington Heiseler, Veronica Graham Wranovics
Class of 1964: Helen Gerken Hopler
Class of 1971: Barbara Seals Clark
Class of 1972: Nancy Van Valkenburgh St. John
Class of 1977: Tony German, John Bolger Sr.
Class of 1979: Chris German
Class of 1980: Alfred Vigna
Class of 1982: Diane Vigna German, Lynette Hinkley Liberatore, Jim Whitney
Class of 1983: Lorrayne Lang Bolger
Class of 1984: John Vigna
Class of 1986: Tom Greene, Tina Bussy Greene
Class of 2001: Martin Hartmann
Class of 2009: John Bolger Jr.
Class of 2011: Joe Camillone, Jacob Liberatore