Quick firefighter response saves Hasay Realty office

By Brian Sweeney
Quick response by firefighters is credited with saving a Fleischmanns real estate office from serious fire damage Sunday night.
The fire at Hasay Realty on Depot Street was spotted by a neighbor about 9 p.m. Fleischmanns Fire Chief Todd Wickham said that when volunteers arrived, flames were visible in the basement.
Chief Wickham said that firefighters used interior tactics to bring the blaze under control. Volunteers assisting at the scene were from Fleischmanns, Arkville, Mar-garetville and Pine Hill.
The Fleischmanns chief said that the “balloon construction” of the building, which provides no fire stops, made the three-story structure very susceptible to fire.
“In another five minutes, there would be no way to stop it. It was definitely caught just in time. It was a good job,” he stated.
The fire was contained to the basement, but there was smoke damage throughout the building.
Chief Wickham said the fire was traced to the basement. Preliminary investigation has traced the fire to a furnace stove pipe, but the exact cause of the blaze has not been determined by the Delaware County Emergency Services Depart-ment.
More than 50 firefighters were at the scene for about three hours. No injuries were reported.
The Fleischmanns Fire Department was called to the Stanley Bates residence early Friday afternoon after a propane leak was reported. Upon investigation, it was determined that a faulty refrigerator compressor was the cause of the odor in the house.