Public hearing is June 5 on Middletown Comprehensive Plan

By Brian Sweeney
A public hearing on the proposed Town of Middletown Comprehensive Plan will be held Saturday, June 5 at 10 a.m. at the Margaretville Fire Department on Church Street. The Middletown Planning Board will conduct the hearing. Public input on the Draft Plan is critical in order to ensure the plan addresses the concerns of the residents and landowners in the Town of Middletown.
The plan, which has been under development for several years, is designed help to shape town’s growth and development for the next 15 years, according to consultant Nan Stolzenburg of Community Planning and Environmental Associates.
“The plan is designed to present a vision of Middletown as residents say they want it to become, and outlines goals, objectives and action strategies to fulfill that vision,” Stolzenburg explained.
The current document is an update to the original plan adopted in 1984.
The proposed Compre- hensive Plan addresses 10 major topics. The key areas explored are: jobs, business and economic development, open space and resource protection, land use, infrastructure and community services, recreation, quality of life and community development and government.
Stolzenburg, the Middletown Planning Board and the Delaware County Planning Department developed the comprehensive plan cooperatively.
Following the public hearing, the planning board will submit the draft plan to the Middletown Town Board for consideration and adoption. Prior to adopting the plan, the town board will hold a second public hearing, as required by New York State Town Law.
Key segments of the plan include a Definition of Middletown’s character, identification of community strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and development of strategies and recommendations to meet the goals of the proposed Comprehensive Plan.
During the planning process, thoughts, opinions, and hopes of Middletown residents were collected through resident surveys, community visioning workshop, youth planning workshops and planning board meetings.
Also taken into consideration were background studies of land use; population and economic profiles; housing, community facilities, transportation, recreation and educational resources; public safety programs; environmental conditions; and analysis of regional growth trends and patterns.
Copies of the document, along with maps, are available for public review at the Town Hall (42339 State Highway 28, Margaretville), at the Fairview Library on Walnut Street, Margaretville and at the Skene Memorial Library on Main Street. Fleischmanns. Copies of the plan may be downloaded at
The public meeting will be held at the Margaretville Fire Department’s meeting room on the third floor.