Proud to have been a part of it


To The Editor:
I think that the commemorative issue of hurricane’s Irene and Lee in last week’s paper was wonderful. I did however notice that there was no article from or about the tireless efforts of the staffs of Belleayre Mountain or Boston Concession. Hence this letter.

The staffs of Belleayre Mountain and Boston Concession were an integral part of the disaster relief efforts. Many of these staff people postponed their own clean up efforts to be here on the mountain to help feed, cloth and comfort those of our community who needed help.

Many of these people spent days here on this mountain working tirelessly, sleeping little, drinking lots of coffee, and being as positive as they could be to give a hug, a ray of hope, a meal to those who sought Belleayre Mountain as a sanctuary or respite from the devastation below.
Thousands of breakfasts, lunches and suppers were made for the National Guard, local fire departments, local churches, volunteers and those from out community who were staying with us or those who just needed a meal.

The outpouring of help from the “outside” world was astounding. The food and clothing, cleaning supplies to car litter came from as far away as Maine and North Carolina. Local SUNY students raised money on campus and came in a convoy to deliver food and cleaning supplies, some of them remaining to lend a helping hand. Volunteers from all over the tri-state area came because they ski here and love this area and felt a need to help those with whom they interact with during the ski season.

In the 30 years on and off I have called this community home and the five years I have worked with the people of this mountain I have never felt such a sense of purpose or have been so proud to be associated with something in my life. This situation was bigger than all of us and helping others was just helping ourselves.

To my fellow employees and to those who spent countless hours volunteering with us, I am honored to have been a part of something that touched so many lives and for the memories of hard work, tears, laughter and a bond to each of you that lingers in memory.
I’m proud to be a part of Belleayre Mountain.

Noel Logan,
Halcott Center

Editor’s note: Thank you for your letter. The News’ look back at the flood of a year ago was indeed remiss to have not covered the extraordinary effort made by the entire staff at Belleayre that touched so many lives. The pride you feel in having been part of that heroic effort is well deserved.