Prosperous future with Gladstone


To The Editor:
The hardship of these economic times is something which towns in Delaware County share with many other small towns across the United States.  The recent flooding, brought on by nature’s wrath, has made this situation even more difficult.  My town of Andes may have escaped the destruction but, along with our neighbors, we feel the absence of tourism as part of the aftermath of Irene and Lee.

In light of this, I feel that we need innovative thinkers to lead us forward, which is why I’m impressed with Wayland (Bud) Gladstone’s attitude about the future.

Bud Gladstone is running for Andes Town Council.  I just finished watching a 90-minute video, made available by the Watershed Post on their news site, of the “Andes Candidates Forum” held this past weekend at The Andes Hotel.  

During this forum Gladstone debated with the two incumbent Council members who have served on the Andes Town Board for 12 and 24 years.  Gladstone answered questions about economic development, hydraulic fracturing drilling, and our local government’s accessibility to the public, among other issues.

Bud was enthusiastic about the challenge of creating jobs. He was emphatic and clear about using, not abusing, our natural resources to create sustainable economic growth; about encouraging the diversity of farming our county once had; about his experience as a businessman and farmer during rough times and tight budgets; and his desire that responsible members of the community need to be a part of the process of local government.

After listening to this debate I know that voting for Wayland Gladstone is a vote for a prosperous future here in Andes.

Mark Pezzati,