President deserve praise


To The Editor:

Charles Kowalski’s letter last week, objecting to health coverage for birth control on First Amendment grounds, misses the mark.  The First Amendment exists to allow freedom of religion, not unlimited power over the lives of employees of any particular religious organization.  This is a workers’ rights and health-care issue, not an issue of “religious freedom.”  The President of the United States has not attacked any religious group or anyone’s freedom to believe what they choose.  

Citizens of the USA, as always, are free to believe and worship as they choose.  Catholics are free under law to accept or reject the belief that family planning is a sin.  There is no First Amendment guarantee that every law of the land must cater to every belief held by every religious sect.

 Further, the claim that the prohibition on birth control is “a fundamental moral principle” of the Catholic Church is not only historically inaccurate, but also patently ridiculous. The prohibition on birth control is a bizarre remnant of ideas that come out of an organization that is still deeply rooted in the Dark Ages, and has failed to see the light of human reason in many areas.

The attack on our president is right out of the handbooks of the phony media outlets that serve as megaphones for the most fanatical right wing voices in this country.  No employee of any organization should be forced to live by its dictates in their private lives.  
I have often criticized this president, most vocally for his failure to end the reckless, irresponsible tax cuts for the rich enacted by a feckless president and a fanatical congress.  This fraudulent policy helped plunge this country into the second-worst depression in the past 116 years, doing less than nothing to create jobs.  

This time, our president deserves our praise for responsible action in support of all Americans to have access to family planning information and supplies.   Those who choose to continue holding to medieval beliefs are perfectly free to do so.

John Cerullo,