Post-flood bumps up Middletown permits

Staff report
Town of Middletown building permit activity showed a small increase from the previous year, due primarily to flood-related projects.

Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) Patrick Davis presented the municipality’s Building and Zoning Department’s Annual Report to the town board at its February 14 meeting.
Mr. Davis said that the total number of building permits for the township, including the villages of Margaretville and Fleischmanns, rose from 167 to 176 over 2010.

He noted that of the 119 permits issued outside the villages, 16 were for work related to the August 28 flood. In the Village of Margaretville, of the 31 permits issued, 22 were flood-related. Village of Fleischmanns totals showed 26 building permits, with six of these projects resulting from the flood.

Flood numbers
Mr. Davis indicated that 87 structures in the Town of Middletown sustained flood damage; with 32 of these sustaining “substantial” damage. In the Village of Margaretville, 93 structures were affected by flooding, with 20 of these properties being hard-hit. In Fleischmanns, 17 of the 69 flood-damaged structures were labeled substantially damaged.

The CEO’s report showed that most of the projects outside the villages remained on par with the previous year’s activity. Of 119 permits issued townwide, only two were issued for new homes, down from three the year before and 10 in 2009. Permits issued for alterations/additions and repairs represented the largest category and totaled 95, just one less than a year earlier.
Mr. Davis said that five permits were created by stop-work orders placed on jobs because the projects were started without a permit.

Subdivision approvals
In the zoning department, six subdivisions were approved, creating a total of 16 lots. There were applications for 15 boundary line adjustments that resulted in nine lots that were put back together and all were approved.

The CEO’s report showed there were 66 zoning violations handled in the town last year. Nineteen of the cases have been successfully closed and 47 are still pending. Of the total number of violations, 46 were resulted from the flood.