Positive re-election campaign


To The Editor:
I’d like to thank Marge Miller for her positive re-election campaign.  In the face of fire, she has focused her campaign on issues and her fine record of accomplishments.  Marge has worked full time for our benefit whether it’s keeping our town taxes in check to representing our interests on the county level and in relation to New York City.  

I’ve had two experiences that reinforce my confidence in her commitment to public service in our interest: 1. After the Margaretville Food Pantry was completely flooded, I asked if she might find us a new desk.  Shortly after becoming supervisor I got a call saying she had gotten the pantry a desk donation.  2.  While I served briefly as a trustee of the Fairview Library at a time when the director, some volunteers and four or five trustees had recently resigned, she very responsibly asked for clarification before handing over public funds.

In this time when politics is rife with bitter acrimony, innuendo, slander and deception, we are lucky to have someone committed to public service who wants to be elected both on her record and her positions.

Marc J. Osterweil,