Poison pen by ex-supervisor


To The Editor:
I am sure you all have read Jerry Fairbairn’s poison pen letter about me and my family in the February 28 publican of the paper. I will just say this: Jerry’s reputation speaks for itself. As for me, I refuse to battle this out in the papers.

If any of your readers believe Mr. Fairbairn’s ludicrous statements/lies or have any questions you need answered, please feel free to contact me.

As with all of my services, you may contact me at any time for any reason, feel free to call or just stop me in the street.  I will most assuredly put any doubts you have to rest and will answer any other questions you may have.  I have, as Mr. Fairbairn insinuates, nothing to hide.

Douglas G. Odell, Town Councilman
Town of Hardenburgh