Platte Cove Artists-in-Residence opening reception planned for May 9

Arkville — The public is cordially invited to the opening reception of the 12th Annual Platte Clove Artists-in-Residence Exhibition on Saturday, May 9, from 5 to 7 p.m. at The Catskill Center’s Erpf Gallery in Arkville. 
The gallery exhibit will include paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, poems and prose inspired by the solitude and grandeur of The Catskill Center’s Platte Clove Forest Preserve located in the Town of Hunter. The Platte Clove cabin situated within the Preserve sits where mountain and valley meet and provides a tranquil and rustic retreat space for artists working in a variety of disciplines in the living landscape where American art began with the painters of the Hudson River School.
This year’s exhibit features works by residents of the 2008 Platte Clove program: Susan Barnett, writer and WAMC Hudson Valley Bureau Chief, presenting screenplay excerpts on two gold-rush era tales; Anne Gorrick, author of Kyotologic (2009), presenting new poems; Michelle Levante juxtaposing images and elements of the human body interacting; Frank Manzo, exhibiting color reversal photos of the Plattekill Falls; Helen Manzo, depicting the grandiosity of the falls in monotypes; Edie Nadelhaft painting dairy cows in monochromatic oils; Jenna Spevack, exhibiting paintings of emerging objects, sticks, and stones; Stacy Wakefield-Forte, showing photographic prints of Platte Clove; Ruth Wetzel, representing the landscape in “plein aire guaches;” and excerpts from Writers in the Mountains members Sharon Cucinotta, Ann Epner, Sally Fairbairn, Marleen Gagnon, Jenny Liddle, Beth McGuire, Wilma Mazo, Akira Odani, Jody Primoff, Rain and Debby Wilkie.

Hudson voyage
With Henry Hudson’s historic voyage 400 years ago, the majestic Catskill Mountains have become emblematic of America’s artistic heritage and environmental ethic. Hudson described the breathtaking blue mountains that later inspired the writings of Washington Irving, William Cullen Bryant, and James Fenimore Cooper and the canvases of Thomas Cole, Frederick Church, and Asher Durand.  From the early 1800s, these writers and painters captured the essence of the Hudson River and the Catskills; their artistic expressions created seminal cultural and artistic movements in our new nation.  Since that time millions of Americans and Europeans have experienced the legendary American wilderness in the wooded slopes and fertile, sparkling valleys of the Hudson River and its Catskill tributaries. 
The Catskill Center’s Artist-in-Residence program is one of the only in the nation that provides space for artists, performers, and writers to create in the historic footsteps of the famous Hudson River School.  Since its inception, over 130 artists, painters, writers, and composers from across the country have participated in our Artists-in-Residence program – becoming artistic ambassadors for environmental stewardship once returning to their communities.
The work of the Platte Clove Artists-in-Residence will be on exhibit at the Erpf Gallery through July 25. The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and Saturdays from noon-4 p.m.