Pizza Palace of Grand Gorge shuts its doors

By Joe Moskowitz
It’s a bad sign at a bad time. For more than a week, people have driving to the Pizza Palace in Grand Gorge, only to find it dark, closed and a sign in the window apologizing to its customers. The Palace is closed and the sign says it is closed “due to circumstances beyond our control.”  
It is a fact that we cannot control the onset of aging. Owner Nick Malaxos was a bit more specific. He told the News, “I’m tired, my back hurts, and I am old.”
But Malaxos spoke of another pain. He said, “No one can understand how much this hurts. It’s not about the money. It’s about family.” Malaxos wasn’t talking about his biological relatives. He said he was talking about the family of friends that grew throughout his 16 and-a-half years of making  pizza and pasta at the Palace.
Customers all expressed dismay the closing. It had become a  tradition and an anchor in a  downtown that is struggling to turn itself around.
Malaxos hasn’t given up entirely on the Pizza Palace. He said if someone has “just a little bit of money”, he will sell the business and give them all the help they need to get it up and running again.