Phoenicia will be focus of collaborative meeting

Phoenicia — The October meeting of the Central Catskills Collaborative will be held at the Phoenicia Elementary School on Thursday, Oct. 27 from 6 to 8 p.m.

The public is invited to participate in a discussion that will combine Ulster County’s Main Street Strategic Toolbox Program with a new initiative, Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play, being led by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County.

The meeting will feature presentations by planners Peter Fairweather and David Gilmour, AICP, who will also lead group exercises that will target specific strategies to improve Phoenicia’s downtown, both its economic competitiveness and connections between Main Street and other streets, trails, and the Route 28 Corridor.

Hamlet helper
“The aim of the Main Street Strategic Toolbox is to help hamlets identify market opportunities and take advantage of implementation strategies, including promotional efforts,” says Dennis Doyle, director of Ulster County Planning.”

The Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play project emphasizes enhancing the availability of and access to places for people to be more active. Using ‘Complete Streets’ principles, the project is exploring ways to advance safe and convenient mobility and travel for all age groups and users, including walkers, bicyclists, and transit riders. While the focus of both projects is Phoenicia, approaches to Creating Healthy Places and Complete Streets can and have been applied successfully in other communities.

Nomination info
The meeting will begin with the Collaborative approving the nomination package for the Catskill Mountains Scenic Byway so that it can be presented to the Collaborative’s advisory committee and local governments along the corridor.

The Collaborative is a group of representatives from seven communities who encourage dialogue and take action to preserve and promote the qualities of the region.

For more information on the Main Street and Creating Health Places projects please visit or www.cceulster .org.

For more information on the meeting and the Central Catskills Collaborative, please contact Peter Manning, regional planner, at The Catskill Center for Conservation and Development, at 586-2611 or